About Dorothy

"There is a divine spark within each of us; sometimes we just need some guidance to help turn on the light."


Your soul is always communicating with you but are you listening? Our journey is the process of embarking on a quest to deepen our knowledge, understanding and wisdom about ourselves, the world and higher consciousness.  

As the vibration of our planet is shifting, many are awakening to a new paradigm of self-awareness with a distinct yearning to embrace self-actualization. This shift reveals promise and hope to remind us of forgotten possibilities. We each hold the blueprint of our highest potential. I am one of those individuals that has answered the call to live my purpose of the highest light; I have a soul contract to fulfill and that is to help you fulfill yours. 

Since childhood, I always felt out of sorts with the conventional but my true spiritual “awakening” happened in 2008, after having survived a serious motorcycle accident. I was running on the hamster wheel of life long enough and through a cycle of self-sabotage, I could alarmingly see that I wasn’t on my true path. 

My own healing process led me to release the thoughts, patterns and habits that kept me feeling forever stuck. My journey shifted to thinking outside the box and to the subsequent realization that there never was a box to begin with. This was both liberating as and terrifying because with great power comes great responsibility and I was 100% responsible for everything that I attracted in my life.

My injuries forced me to slow down and find alternative ways to bring strength back into the body both physically and mentally.  My first "aha" moment occurred at a local yoga studio where I was blissfully amazed at how yoga brought both simplicity and challenge into my practice. My love of yoga inspired me to pursue a yoga teacher certification. 

During my studies, I learned about Reiki, and this naturally led me to discover and study Reiki afterwards. This turning point eventually led me to change paths and leave a decade spent in the "corporate world" behind. Today, both practices complement each other beautifully in my life. 

I am a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Method of Natural Healing. I teach Reiki Level I, II and Master Level. I am a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals®  

 Masters create masters. Through constant study, self-reflection and meditation, I am grateful to share my gifts through the healing arts to help others connect towards self- awareness and help guide them to find and fulfill their own purpose with curiosity and joy on the path to self-mastery.

I facilitate workshops and seminars across the GTA and love the powerful combination of reiki and yoga together to enhance each yogi’s practice.  

My journey has led me to become a sought-after teacher; guiding the way to self-mastery and energy healing. 

Healing starts from within.