Wellness in the workplace


According to Stats Canada, on average, each full-time employee lost 9.3 days in 2011 for personal reasons. This amounted to an estimated 105 million work days for all full-time employees and this number is on the rise.

It’s no secret that healthcare costs continue to account for a growing share of many organizations.      At the same time, there’s a less visible side to the healthcare dilemma — mental health — that is draining Canadian companies of billions in payroll costs, talent management expenses and lost productivity. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because the majority of an employee's time is spent at the workplace.

But how can employers tackle stress? 

The answer is Reiki. 

Reiki works on mental, physical and emotional conditions. Low morale and/or absenteeism in the workplace can decrease significantly with Reiki methods (as highlighted in the Washington Post https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/religion/reiki-goes-mainstream-spiritual-touch-practice-now-commonplace). 

What's in it for you?

You attract and retain a more stable, happier healthier workforce and have less absenteeism. 

It’s what every employer wants!

What I offer

I know your employee well because I spent ten years in the corporate world. Work demands, commutes and stress were a daily struggle. My love of yoga inspired me to pursue yoga teacher certification. During my studies, I learned about Reiki, and this naturally led me to study and master Reiki afterwards. Today, both practices benefit me and my clients towards a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

I am a certified yoga instructor (YTT 200) and Reiki Master in the Usui Method of Natural Healing.          I provide a unique yoga group class infused with Reiki healing (a unique practice found to more successfully achieve relaxation). I also provide Reiki sessions that fit each client's individual needs. My mission is to connect with your employee and empower them to take action towards positive outcomes in their health and wellbeing.

Corporate Packages


Package 1 - Yoga & Reiki Fusion

Explore the benefits of a relaxing yoga flow followed by an infusion of Reiki energy. You will feel right at peace and ready to bring balance to your life. Yoga brings us into our bodies with gentle awareness and Reiki will go to the area of the body, mind, or spirit- where it is most needed (30 min & 60 min class available for groups of up to 20 people) 

Package 2 – Relax & Restore

I can visit your workplace and administer individual Reiki sessions (15min or 30 min sessions) in your employees’ own time within the working day.

Package 3Find your way to Wellness

I offer a voucher system to enable your employees to receive Reiki at my Reiki practice in Mississauga. This means that the benefits of Reiki are available at a time convenient to your employees at a reduced rate.

Let me help your employees reach their greatest potential of health and natural balance. Productivity flows where the energy goes!