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Shifting from your head to your heart goes against everything you once knew. As the vibration of our planet is shifting, many are awakening to a new paradigm of self-awareness with a distinct yearning to embrace self-actualization. This is where our outside world starts to change (often dramatically/fast it seems) as time starts to collapse (and the physical often does too). Yet collapse is a unification process where we work through all separation we hold inside. 

This shift reveals promise and hope to remind us of forgotten possibilities.  YOU are shifting from a physically dominated world to a higher consciousness one. If you're breathing and living - Reiki "Universal Lifeforce Energy" is flowing through you.  You ARE Reiki! It's time to remember WHO you are. My Gift to You... It doesn't matter where you are in spiritual journey! We each hold the blueprint of our highest potential. Self-healing is our innate ability that has been long forgotten and can no longer be exclusive to only a select few in our expanding population.  

Reiki is simple to learn and requires no previous experience; just and open mind and an open heart. With the stress and challenges in the world today, having the ability to stay grounded and balanced is highly beneficial to your well-being. One of the best benefits of attuning to this high vibrational energy is  that  you can easily do Reiki on yourself to keep your energy field strong and balanced.  You can also use Reiki to help others. 

I am an Ascended Reiki Master. The method of Reiki I teach is the Usui Shiki Ryoho or Usui style of Reiki.  

This is where you start to see all of your own self-imposed limits, beliefs, mentalities and start to re-program through highest consciousness instead. You will learn to live vibrationally and how to maneuver through the old dissolving constructs of linear time.  Are you ready?

Courses are available online (details below) and in-person.

Please email me at  to register for private & group courses.

Dorothy Knight Reiki is registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals®    

Online reiki courses

reiki level i - free!



REIKI I "Discover Your Inner Healer"

In Reiki Level I, you are attuned to the Reiki energy and taught how to use it.  The attunement process is a  ceremony whereby you are connected to the healing energy through the Crown Chakra.

The course includes:

*     Attunement Ceremony (video)

*     The History and Benefits of Reiki

*     Reiki and the Chakra system

*     Diagram of hand positions for Self Reiki and Reiki sessions

*     Reiki for animals and plants

Course Length : 3 hours

Cost : FREE

Reiki Level i course - FREE download

Reiki Level I Attunement

1. You will need to watch and experience this attunement (video) twice for Level I.  Wait at least an hour before the second attunement,

2. Make sure your energy channels are clear (no alcohol, caffeine, stimulants etc. at least 24 hours prior to attunement.

3. Create a quiet and distraction free space. You will need a chair with a solid backing to keep you spine straight.

4. Close your eyes, relax and enjoy!

5. Next, Watch the "Guided Meditation for Grounding and Chakra Activation" video.  

The journey doesn't end here! For ongoing guidance, workshops, webinars and resources, join the Global High Vibe Tribe on my Facebook page! 


Reiki Level Ii

"Design Your Destiny"

In this course you learn some advanced techniques and receive a further Attunement session to connect you with three Usui symbols which are used to enhance your Reiki sessions.*

The course includes:

* Private Access to the "Learning Portal" on
* Attunement session to connect you with the Usui Reiki symbols (video)
* Description and uses of the three Symbols to enhance and focus the energy, to balance the different layers of the energetic field, and to send the energy at a distance.
* Scanning the energy field and chakra healing & balancing
* Protecting your energy field and raising your vibration
* Setting up positive fields of energy for manifesting goals
* Using Reiki to clear blockages, chakra imbalances and karma 

Course Length: 4 hours

Cost: $88 USD  

Course fees include a Reiki  II course material and accredited certification. 

Dorothy Knight Reiki is registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals®  

*You must be attuned to  Reiki I and  have completed 

Reiki Level I to do this course*

Reiki Ii course & Attunement $88 USD - incl. certificate

to access level ii course

1. Sign in here to create a secure member log-in.

2. Purchase course via PayPal link above. Within 24 hours, you will receive authorization to access the portal.

3. Access the Reiki II Course Portal. Enjoy the course! 

4. Email upon  course completion. Please indicate how you would like your name to appear on the certificate.

reiki Master level

Reiki Courses Mississauga


 "Embrace Self-Mastery" 

This course is offered in person ONLY.

When you become a Reiki Master, your level of vibration will shift.  When this happens, prepare for new experiences because you are at an even Higher vibration. Reiki flowing through you will greatly increase and the changes within you and outside of you will match this new vibration - how empowering!  

The Master Class is a two day program set upon request, which includes attunement to the Level Three  Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher Levels.  During this class you are attuned to four additional symbols – two Usui Master Symbols and two Tibetan Master symbols.  During the class you learn Advanced Healing Techniques and how to teach Reiki to others, including how to do the Attunement Process.

The first day of the class involves reviewing Levels One and Two from a teaching perspective. You also receive the Reiki Master Attunement followed by a review of the Master symbols, their uses, and other Advanced Healing Techniques.  We will tap into the journey of self-mastery; protecting your energy field, raising your vibration and manifesting with higher consciousness.  

On the second day of the class you learn how to do the Attunement process and practice it.  If you are going to become a professional practitioner we also review business practices and self-employment opportunities. I provide ongoing mentoring support for all my students.

I'm so excited to guide you on this journey. 

Cost: $500

Course fees include a Reiki Master manual and accredited certification. 

Dorothy Knight Reiki is registered with the International Association of Reiki Professionals®