" I’m so happy to have found Dorothy and have her be part of my spiritual journey.  Dorothy's presence is just beautiful and my first Reiki session with her was very uplifting and peaceful.   I’ve gone on to take Reiki Level I and II with Dorothy and couldn’t have had a better, more personalized experience. Dorothy shares her own experience from the heart and is a great guide for those on a healing path. If you are curious about Reiki and it’s benefits, I highly recommend trying a session with Dorothy." 

 "Dorothy created a positive and effective healing space. I took the class and had emotional and physical 

experiences. I am thankful for what Dorothy does."

 "Just finished my Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Training Certification course with Dorothy, and wow do I feel uplifted. This experience was set in an ideal learning environment and spaced out over two days with enough time to ask many questions and practise each attunement. Dorothy, is a gem and so knowledgeable in her field. Seek her out if you need a session or a workshop. Can't wait for a reiki share!"  

 "My journey with Dorothy began as a client. Her warmth and open acceptance put me into such a safe place that it inspired me to become her student as well.  Through her teachings I have changed the way I think and how I view the world. My life is now filled with light and colour and I feel an enhanced sense of self. I am so grateful to Dorothy for showing me that I can heal myself and live a mindful life that is as warm and as accepting as she is."

"Left my first session feeling grounded and have carried that feeling with me through this week.  Looking forward to what this journey will bring."

 "Dorothy has been my one and only Reiki practitioner that I've seen. Dorothy is an artist of safe spaces and a very attentive listener. She offers a space and attitude of non-judgement. This non-judgement she exhibits is altruistic, and carries with it a sense of empowerment. Dorothy creates a safe space that, when combined with her professional qualities, empowers her clients. All at once she creates a soft landing that lends itself to the construction of a firm foundation when it comes to healing ourselves.
I cannot overstate Dorothy's incredible qualities that she brings to her practice of Reiki. Reiki becomes her, and through her, it becomes us. She is a powerful beacon of health; a great guide."

"Dorothy will often offer insight, or seemingly by fluke, demonstrate the insight we are seeking simply by talking to her. She opens up a link to something greater than ourselves. And yet, she is down-to-earth. It seems she takes every opportunity to listen and learn from her clients as we listen and learn from her. She encourages and restores balance within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world.
I definitely recommend  Dorothy's practice.
Thank you Dorothy!" 

"I've had the privilege of doing my Reiki level 1 and 2 training through Dorothy that has set me on my own path of light work discovery. Dorothy doesn't just do Reiki, she is Reiki. Her attunements were an amazing experience. Thank you,Dorothy for being such a beautiful soul and to spread this love and light through this world!!!"

"Dorothy has this happy and positive energy about her that gives me a sense of peace but also excitement because being around a human like her makes you also feel as happy and positive.  I knew I have always wanted to become a reiki practitioner but finding the right reiki master can be difficult. I was ecstatic to know Dorothy now offers Reiki training and I jumped at that opportunity.  It was a beautiful experience and I am truly glad Dorothy is sharing her gifts with all." 

"Absolutely loved my experience with Dorothy! She helped align my chakras perfectly and I felt the difference right away. I would definitely be looking at learning Reiki from her as well." 

 " I left feeling very relaxed and without a worry in the world.  
As you predicted, I felt centered and peaceful for a few days after the treatment. That was my first Reiki treatment experience and I hope it won’t be my last. You do have a very serene presence and immediately made me feel at ease."