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Everything is energy – including our bodies, thoughts and emotions.

We are quite familiar with our physical bodies and their functions but less so with our bodies subtle energy systems.Modern-day demands,   stressful events and emotional pain can reside within the body and create blockages that prevent the flow of vital "Ki" essential for our well-being.  

Our current individual identity is a pattern of energy that has a natural momentum and flow. Thoughts, habits or things that don’t serve us or contribute to our vitality can manifest as energetic blockages. 


discover true balance

One of the most powerful methods of cleansing the body, mind, and spirit is releasing old energy attachments and thought forms that have “planted” themselves in the body in the form of negative energetic seeds. 

Once we let go of barriers and create space for our most positive momentum to flow we are in a state of allowing that provides a fertile ground for all of life’s blessings to blossom. 

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